home paternity test is really the most simple and straightforward means of finding answers to your doubts as to who is the father of a child. You can of course choose to the legal paternity test, but this is really not worth it unless you need to be armed to go to court and need results that are court admissible.

Home paternity testing is something like DIY paternity testing

Yes, with a home paternity test you are responsible for taking your own samples (something you will not need to do with a legal paternity test). While this may seem like a big issue, it really is nothing to worry about. All you need to collect you sample is a mouth swab, then rub it inside your mouth, and finally allow it to dry- there; you have your DNA samples ready.

Well, now that you have collected your DNA samples for the alleged father and child or children, you need to send them off to a laboratory for actual DNA analysis.

Luckily DNA testing companies have made this all very easy by doing the following:

Once you have ordered your paternity test, the DNA testing company will:

•    Send you an at home paternity testing kit
•    Once you have collected your samples, they provide you with the lab address where you need to send them
•    Send off your samples and wait a couple of days
•    You will receive your paternity test result by email

Essentially, in your kit you will be given all the necessary instructions about how to collect your samples and how to label them. It is important to know which DNA samples came from which people taking part in the test.  You will need to give name, surname and date of birth. Also, the signature of the person buying the DNA is important. Results to your at home test can be available in just 5-7 working days, you can however, have results in just 2 working days as many DNA testing companies offer express testing.

Home paternity test is convenient, highly confidential and just as accurate as a legal paternity DNA test.