About this test

Believe it or not, genetics and your weight go hand in hand! If you have had trouble losing weight or keeping the weight off, there might be an underlying cause in your genetic makeup. Your lifestyle might be out of sync with your genes. The DNA Diet and Health Weight Test can assist you in understanding why you can’t keep off those extra pounds or reach your target weight. The test is available at £119 with results available within 30 to 45 working days and discussed in simple language that you can easily understand.

Test results

This test is designed to help you look at genetic markers that are known to be involved in your weight. The results will closely analyze your food intake, helping you understand the interaction between what you eat and your genetic makeup as well as provide a recommended diet plan that can help you reach your goals. Besides all this, a detailed exercise plan and eating plan is included in your 70 page report!


More details about diet testing results

With your results you will get answers to the questions that have been plaguing you for a while now. These will delve into the following healthy weight areas and providing a genetic profile for each:

Your weight loss ability: how able is your body at losing weight? Do you have the genes that will encourage weight loss and keep it off or more unfavorable genes that will make it tougher for you to lose weight?

How your body uses carbs, proteins as well as fats: what proportions of fat, carbohydrate and proteins should you have in your diet? What are the right recommendations for your genetic makeup but also for your age, height and gender?

Nutrients & vitamins: What nutrients and vitamins do you need? While vitamins and micronutrients are not directly involved in weight loss, they support functions in our body which affect your weight. Find answers to whether your genes may channel you towards any deficiencies, which nutrients and vitamins you should be taking more of and what foods you can get them from.

Cardio response/strength training/exercise regimes: Knowing how much you should exercise and understanding the exercise factors that enable you to lose weight is crucial! How does your genetic profile affect your response to cardio exercises? How intense should your workouts be? How often? What about your genetic profile for weight training? This section also includes details about your glucose response and much more.

Inside the test kit

Once you order the diet DNA test you will receive a kit in the mail that includes the following:

  • 4x mouth swabs (both are used for the same person)
  • Instructions on collecting and sending samples
  • Pre-addressed envelope so that you can return your samples

All you need to do is follow the simple instructions and rub the mouth swabs inside your cheek for a few seconds. Once you have your DNA on the swabs, give them a moment to dry to prevent cross contamination during shipping. After they have dried put them back in the prepaid envelope and get it shipped back to us for analysis. We will get results back to you in 30 to 45 working days from receipt of samples. This DNA diet and health weight test is a great value for people who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle but having trouble seeing results.

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