Identifying the Bird’s Sex

Let’s face it, guessing a bird’s gender is challenging no matter how much of a bird expert you consider yourself to be. It is estimated that around 5,000 species of bird appear sexually monomorphic, meaning that it is seemingly impossible to distinguish between the sexes.

Why discover the Gender of your Birds?

There are several motifs behind wanting to conduct an avian DNA test. In the case of emergencies, it is important for your veterinarian to know the bird’s gender instead of waiting for the medical team to conduct a gender test on your bird. Hence, having this information handy can prove to be quite useful for your bird’s health and wellbeing.

Since male and female birds tend to display different behavioural characteristics, some bird owners may also want to undergo avian DNA testing to understand their bird’s behaviour and build a good relationship with them. Gender determination also serves very useful for breeders who seek to copulate birds of opposite sexes.

What does Bird Gender testing involve?

Bird gender testing does not involve surgery or any complex methods in order to establish the sexes of your birds. Our bird-sexing techniques involve minimally invasive procedures that do not put any strain on the birds.

DNA samples can be collected through the following methods:

Blood sampling – Blood sample collection is carried out by clipping the nail of the bird at a very specific point. The area has to be disinfected before clipping the nail. Squeezing the part where the nail has been clipped will cause the production of a few blood drops which need to be collected on the blood sample cards provided and sent back for testing.

Download the blood sample collection forms that need to be returned with the blood samples.

Feather samples – Feather sample collection is carried out by choosing medium-sized feathers found in the chest area. Avoid using large feathers and naturally shed feathers as these may not yield any DNA. Pluck the required feathers and then place these in an unused zip lock bag.

Download the feather sample collection forms that need to be returned with the feather samples.

Both of the above-mentioned methods are provided by homeDNAdirect, your trusted avian gender determination DNA testing provider. They are both highly reliable techniques, and your choice is based on personal preference. The person collecting the DNA samples can decide which is the better option that suits both the bird owner and the bird.

What is the Cost of the Avian Gender test?

minimum of 5 birds need to be tested for the Avian DNA Sexing test. The price per bird is XX, thus testing for 5 bird samples starts from only XX! Discounts apply to those clients who want to test more than 5 birds.

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