Cheating in a paternity is a very serious matter; moreover, chances are that the cheater will get caught out. However, those who consider cheating will still likely try or may not be aware that they will be outwitted by the laboratories. DNA does not lie and no matter how hard they try and hope to thwart the results, it will not happen.

As mentioned, there is always a risk with at-home paternity testing. People can cheat. However, if you feel anyone might cheat in the test you can do the following: have everyone take the samples in the same room so that each will witness the sampling of the other. Like this, you can even make sure that none of the swabs are switched and that they do not get misplaced and you can all take responsibility for overseeing that the swabs are packed into the correct enveloped and posted thereafter.

You can also pay someone, normally a professional, to take the DNA samples in the DNA paternity test and thus, have none of the test participants actually handling their own swabs.

If doing a home paternity test and witnessing each other taking DNA samples is not an option (perhaps the father lives in another area or another country) then you may want to do a legal paternity DNA test.  You will need to pay more for this test as the test follows a certain process to collect samples, known as the “chain of custody” which makes cheating in the test impossible.

Cheating in a Paternity Test Does not Often Happen

Luckily, people do not often cheat in a paternity test. It is normal to assume that all test participants do the whole thing in good, just want reliable results that spell out the truth and just move one with their lives. If a father has tried to cheat to have a negative result for the paternity test, in many cases the mother will know that cheating has taken place especially if she is sure that the tested father is the biological father of the child.

Bottom line is that cheating in a paternity test is really not worth it; chances are you will get caught and will need to re-pay for another paternity test.

Infidelity: There are other cheaters

Get the proof you need through infidelity testing and get the answers to the question of whether your partner is faithful to you or not.  An infidelity test will give you answers based on the sample of submit.  It can change your life and directly affect your relationship to your partner but it can also help you make choices for a better life. Read more about solving infidelity with DNA testing.