The trend to buy over the counter paternity tests has not yet caught on everywhere and is in fact still very much an idea which most have no quite warmed up to. Paternity testing is a big market and the demand keeps soaring as more and more people feel confident about the accuracy and reliability of the test.

The over the counter paternity test kit means people interested in a test can simply walk into their nearest pharmacy and purchase a kit. Inside the paternity testing kit, they can find all that is needed for a paternity test and typically they will contain the following:

• Oral swabs: these are rubbed inside the mouth to collect saliva and cheek cells
• Instructions on how to use the swabs
• Consent forms

The idea of being able to go to your nearest pharmacy for swabs is really suited to the practicality and convenience required by today’s people. However, one must consider that buying a paternity testing kit from a pharmacy is not quite like buying your average over the counter drug or product. People seeking such tests often want maximum anonymity.

A great advantage is using an online paternity testing provider; this means you are able to benefit from maximum anonymity and being able to choose the company you prefer. You can have you kit delivered by post wherever you wish and can discuss you paternity testing case with them even prior to buying you DNA testing kit. Fancy getting an opinion from your pharmacist and explaining the sensitive and intimate details of your case with a line of people waiting to be served behind you.

Once you have bought your over-the counter paternity kit you can go home and follow the instructions to collect your samples; however, you will still need to send off the kit for testing once your are done collecting DNA samples. People are often misled by this test; whilst an over-the-counter- pregnancy test can tell you your results there and then, a paternity test will not. A laboratory will need to carry out your anaylsis.

An over the counter paternity test will definitely not hold up in court. You need to do a legal paternity test for this.