About this test

You can do an immigration test to establish both paternity and maternity through a paternity test  or Maternity DNA test respectively. Whether you are based in Canada and have family overseas that you would like to bring into Canada or whether you would like to test a sponsor here in Canada, why not ask us to organise everything for you?

The test is offered starting at CONTACT US FOR QUOTE. There may be other costs entailed depending on the following:

  • How many people will need to do the DNA test;
  • Where the people doing the test are located (we might need to send out kits to different locations on the globe);
  • Additional professional service fees for the sample collection.
  • Rest assured that once you contact us we will fully guide you on your specific case – so do not hesitate to get in touch for further details

Your Immigration DNA testing options

Most immigration DNA tests are done as proof of relationship between a parent and a child by means of a paternity test or maternity test. There are however, other types of tests that can be carried out between relatives to prove their relation in their  immigration sponsorship application. DNA tests between siblings, aunts and uncles with their nieces or nephews and grandparentage testing are amongst the options available.

In addition, please note that with this type of test the sample collection procedure must follow certain rigorous steps to ensure that the samples and results are validated and usable for your immigration application. Testing is normally carried out at the embassy of your country. Through our network of contacts we will help you locate the embassy nearest to you.

To get started today with your Immigration DNA paternity test, or any other DNA test contact us at our office or via email on [email protected] to discuss your case.