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Siblings DNA test

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homeDNAdirect Canada sibling DNA testing. These DNA tests are often done when two or more persons want to confirm they share a common biological parent. The price for siblings testing begins from $349. The price may vary depending on the type of test, the people taking part and the type of DNA sample used.

Grandparents DNA Test

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A Grandparentage DNA test confirms or excludes the biological relationship between grandparents and their grandchild. We offer our grandparentage test for two grandparents and one grandchild for just $399. Your results will be ready between 5-7 working days starting from the moment that our partner laboratory receives your DNA samples.

Aunt/Uncle DNA Test

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Avuncular DNA testing is carried out between an uncle/aunt and an alleged niece or nephew. Avuncular testing begins from just $349 for the testing of two people. Our DNA test results will be ready in just 5-7 working days. The lab cannot perform this test if the aunt / uncle is NOT a full sibling to the alleged father in question.

Genetic Reconstruction Test

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Do you need to establish the paternity of a child but are unable to carry out a paternity test? In such cases, a genetic reconstruction test is a great way of establishing paternity without the need to directly include the father’s DNA sample.

Maternity DNA Test

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A maternity DNA test proves the biological relationship between a mother and child with an accuracy of 99.99%. The cost of our maternity test starts from $199 for one alleged mother and child. Results will be emailed in 3-5 business days.

Mitochondrial DNA testing

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Our mitochondrial DNA test is used to determine whether two or more people share the same maternal line. The cost of the MtDNA mitochondrial DNA test is $799 and includes the testing of 2 people. The turn-around time is 20-30 business days starting from the day your samples are received at the laboratory.

Twins DNA Test

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Twin DNA testing will determine if twins are identical (monozygotic) or fraternal (dizygotic). homeDNAdirect provides you with a result that is 100% accurate. The cost of our twin DNA test for 2 people is $189. Multiple siblings can be added to the test at an extra cost.

Y Chromosome Testing

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Y chromosome testing is used to determine whether two or more males share the same paternal lineage; related males will usually have the same Y chromosome pattern. The Y chromosome is only found in males and is a chromosome that is seldom affected by mutations and is inherited by males from their fathers relatively unchanged.



Why carry out a relationship test?

Generally, relationship DNA testing is a means of establishing paternity in cases where the father is not available and therefore, a straightforward paternity test is not an option. In such cases a grandparentage test or an avuncular DNA test can substitute a paternity DNA test. Siblings may also do a sibling DNA test, which will establish the extent of the sibling relationship: half siblings, full siblings or not siblings. Below are the relationship DNA tests we offer. This said, no relationship test will provide the same conclusive results that can be given in a home paternity test.

What will the results of a relationship test tell me?

This is not a clear-cut question with a single answer as different tests will give you different answers and not all tests are equally accurate. Some tests might just give you a probability of relationship and others might give you a definite yes you are related result. Again, for more information and details about any of our DNA tests, you can contact our team who will give you all the information you need.

How do I go about deciding on the type of test to carry out?

When you look through our range of relationship testing services, you will probably immediately know which one you require as soon as you skim the first sentence. However, we can give you 2 basic questions to help you decide on your test:

  • What do you want to establish?
  • Who is available for testing?

What you wish to establish refers to what you hope to find out with the DNA test result. Have a clear question in mind, for example “I want to know if this woman is my biological grandmother” or “I want to find out if my brother and I share the same father”. This will help decide if you need a siblings DNA test, avuncular test etc.

Who is available for testing is crucial and an often overlooked factor when deciding on a relationship test. You may want to know whether you and your brother share the same father but is your brother willing to submit his sample? homeDNAdirect suggests you contact our customer support team to help you decide on the best relationship test.