PetGen Canine DNA Test

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The PetGen Canine DNA Test is a valuable comprehensive tool for dog owners and breeders alike. Affordable at only $199, this DNA test provides important information about your pet’s breed or breed mix, genetic health, inherited traits, and more.

Dog Allergy Test

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homeDNAdirect offers dog allergy testing kits. Just like we see in humans, allergies in dogs can make our canine friends very miserable. Getting them tested can be an important part of ensuring your dog’s health and well-being. The test is a highly sensitive test that was developed taking over 120 of the most common allergens. Allergens tested for include foods, environmental factors, supplements and everyday products. Results are ready and sent via email in 2 - 3 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory

350 DNA My Dog Breed Test

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Wish your dog to live a longer, healthier and happier life? Our canine breed DNA test can help you make the most of your dog’s overall well-being by providing an in-depth analysis of various aspects of your dog's heritage and genetic make up.

Dog Parentage Test

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Do you know which dog sired the litter of puppies? Could there be multiple sires involved? Thanks to our dog parentage testing service you can find out whether the sire tested is the biological father of the litter in question. Get proof of parentage with a canine parentage test. Results are 99.9% accurate.

Dog Inherited Disease
& Trait Test

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homeDNAdirect is your Animal DNA Testing provider offering accurate and reliable canine inherited disease testing services. The health of your dog is of paramount importance and inherited disease testing can be an important move towards ensuring stronger and healthier dogs.