About this test

If you would like get a clear picture of your more recent ancestry and the geographical origins of your DNA, the ancestral GPS Origins™ DNA testing service offers you the chance to get unprecedented insights into your ancestry at a country level. Yes, this highly accurate and cutting-edge ancestry tests will tell you which countries on the world map we know today your ancestors originated from. Italy, Russia, Scotland, Turkey, Israel etc – let us pinpoint where your roots really lie!

How is this ancestry test different?

There are many ancestry tests out there but many just offer a glimpse into your very ancient ancestral origins, showing you the point of origin of your ancient ancestors and their migration patterns. These tests tell you nothing of about the precise geographical location or country but the GPS Origins™ does! Your genetic origin results will show you how your genome is linked to the human story of the populations.

The GPS Origins™ test indicates the country, island, town or village was your ancestors from and it detects where different ancestral cultures or groups met many hundreds of years ago. The result is an exciting and revealing report, which located where your ancestors lived 1000 years back.

Ordering your test

You can purchase your kit directly from our website for the price of $219. Results for this test are ready in 4-6 weeks from receipt of samples.

Results include:

Gene Pool Percentages: this shows your top 3 gene pools with changing colour intensity depending on your strongest gene pool affiliation. Highly relevant information about the agricultural history and language is also provided to help give you the most comprehensive picture possible.

– Gene Pool Percentages – Complete results : You will receive a breakdown of all the gene pool regions and the percentage affiliation

 The results are an online interactive report, this pdf is just a sample.



How does the test work?

As our ancestor migrated and settles in different parts of the world, parts of their DNA changed (through DNA mutations). Many times the many generations of intermarrying between people in the same group or tribe created groups of individuals that shared similarities in their DNA which would not be shared with other groups or tribes. Grouping DNA mutations allows us to distinguish people who came from different parts of the world.

This Autosomal DNA test was developed at University of Sheffield by leading genealogy experts and works by analysing over 800,000 markers (referred to as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), 36 gene pools and 862 reference populations to give you those specific country connections you are looking for.


The GPS Origins™ ancestry test is highly accurate but the accuracy could be affected by the type of family you come from.

If your parents come from the same country, the test can provide your unique DNA signature correctly 90% of the time. The test is also very accurate if your parents both came from the same geographical region (for example Western Europe). If your parents come from countries which are very far apart, especially from different continents, the results may be less accurate.

How do I take the test?

Taking the test could not be easier. Once we have confirmed your order, we will send out your home sample collection kit. The kit contains everything you need to collect your samples and includes:

  • Mouth swabs
  • Instructions
  • Consent form

Once you have done the kit work, you will need to register on the web page which we provide. Your results will be available for download on the website once your report has been completed.