We strongly suggest including the sample of a known parent to provide stronger results.

Why do an avuncular test?

An avuncular test is done instead of a paternity test when a person’s alleged father is either deceased or unavailable for testing.  An avuncular test might not be as conclusive as a DNA paternity test and where possible we recommend carrying out an alleged father to child DNA test.

Using a highly advanced technique for replication and amplification of DNA known as polymerase chain reaction or PCR scientists can determine what is known as the avuncular index. If the avuncular indexes  are similar enough between two people, this would indicate a biological relationship.

The test relies on statistical probability to conclude whether the aunt or uncle tested are the biological aunt and uncle of their niece or nephew. The addition of the mother’s sample will help strengthen the result by eliminating her share of the genetic area to be analyzed.

Sample collection kit

Avuncular testing begins from just $349 and includes our sample collection kit. The kit is sent out by regular mail and will reach you in just 2-3 working days. Inside you will have:

  • Mouth swabs
  • Instructions
  • Submission forms
  • Return envelope

This is a self-sample collection kit. You will not need to have anyone assist you with collecting your samples.  You may view the sample collection procedure by visiting this page.

Other relationship testing options

The following options are alternative tests which can offer more accurate results.

Y chromosome testing: if testing has the aim of establishing whether males share a common paternal line or relative, a Y chromosome test will provide the definite answer.

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