Uses of a Y chromosome test

A Y chromosome test is usually done under the following circumstances:

  • Male siblings wish to determine whether they share the same father but are unable to directly confirm this through a paternity DNA test.
  • To determine whether males share the same paternal line. Male cousins, uncles, nephews, grandparents may all be interested in such a test to establish a common paternal line shared between them.

A Y chromosome test will, as stated, establishes the existence of a common paternal lineage; however, confirming the exact type of relationship between male relatives is not possible with this test. Thus, we will not be able to distinguish whether the relatives tested are for example brothers, uncle and nephew, or grandfather and grandson.

Price of a Y chromosome test

You can purchase the Y chromosome test starting from the price of $349. This cost covers the testing of two males. Results are ready in 5 -7 business days from receipt of samples at the laboratory.

How do I collect my DNA samples?

You can collect your samples with our home DNA testing kit. Our kit includes everything you need to collect your DNA samples. This includes:

  • 4 mouth swabs per person tested
  • Instructions (which include precautions and the step-by-step sample collection kit)
  • DNA sample consent forms
  • Self-addressed envelope

We provide a full explanation of the procedure on our sample collection page.

Can you tell me more about my paternal lineage?

Our paternal lineage test is a test in our ancestry testing portfolio that can help you learn more about your paternal origins. The test traces one’s paternal line right back to the individual’s earliest ancestors, providing information about their migration patterns and much, much more.