About this test

The legal paternity test can also be done for immigration purposes; visit the following for more information DNA testing for immigration.

While ‘at-home’ paternity tests provide equally accurate results they do not follow the stringent requirements for the legal paternity tests as dictated by the ‘chain of custody’ sample collection procedure.

Legal paternity test cost and results

The cost of a legal paternity test is $399 – this price does not include any sample collection fees. The results will be sent to you in 3-5 working days by email following receipt of samples. homeDNAdirect Canada can provide legal paternity testing anywhere in Canada including the cities of Calgary, Edmonton (AB), Montréal (QC), Toronto (ON), Vancouver (BC) and Victoria (BC).

The kit and the DNA samples

All DNA samples taken for the test will have to be taken by a doctor or qualified nurse, often called the Sampler. The sampler will verify from whom each swab is taken, will ensure there is no swab contamination and carefully place them in the appropriate envelopes to be sent back for laboratory testing.  Every stage in the testing procedure is carefully controlled so as to avoid cheating or errors.

The kit will be sent to you within 48 hours of having placed your order. Within the kit you will find the paper work that will need to be filled in, the mouth swabs and an explanation about how to carry out the sampling.

More about DNA samples and the sampler

Authenticity of the DNA samples needs to be further supported by passport photos of all the participants in the test. The photos must show a full face without any head covering or hair across the face.  The sampler will declare that the people in the photos are the people who are taking part in the test. Moreover, he or she will sign and date the photos.

The chain of custody also requires a valid form of identity which will confirm the identity of the tested parties and can include any of the following: Passport, Full Drivers License, National Identity Card with photo, Armed Forces ID card, Pass card issued by a Government Department or other photo ID. Certified copy of birth certificate for children tested.

Please also take a photocopy of your chosen form of identity; this will need to be signed and dated at the back.

We have compiled a visual guide to help you understand sample collection. You can access this by visiting our page on how to collect your DNA sample. In addition, it is good to note that legal DNA testing can be done for either DNA paternity testing or relationship DNA testing.

If you wish to proceed and order you legal DNA paternity test  or have any questions, proceed with one of the below options.