About our test

Baby boy or girl? What will you have? Knowing the gender of your baby can be very helpful in the planning and preparation stages before the birth. Being the most advanced test of its type on the market, this baby gender test can help you discover the gender of your unborn child with an accuracy of 99.5% or more. homeDNAdirect is offering this highly accurate gender test at competitive rates, starting from only $189. Order this cutting-edge test today!

Why is this Gender test the best option for you?


  • This baby gender test is considered as the most advanced and precise test of its type.
  • Testing can start from 7 weeks of pregnancy (test is not validated for pregnancies earlier than 7 weeks)
  • The test only requires a small blood sample (7 to 10ml) taken via a standard venipuncture procedure (collection of blood from a vein).
  • Blood collection via venipuncture eliminates the chance of DNA contamination unlike other similar tests which use alternative sampling methods.
  • DNA testing is extremely reliable – the test offers a validated accuracy of 99.5%+*. Do not risk getting an incorrect result by purchasing a cheaper hormone-based DIY kit.

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Sample Collection and Turnaround Time

The baby gender kit will contain the required blood collection tube, a biohazard bag, a return courier pouch, detailed instructions and other necessary documentation. Please note that a trained professional is required to collect the mother’s sample via a standard venipuncture procedure (collection of blood from a vein). Standard results for the baby gender test are available within 3 to 5 working days. However, homeDNAdirect also offers express testing with results within 3 working days at an extra cost of $70Please note that turnaround time starts from the moment samples reach the laboratory.

Please understand that Company Policy is that the results of the baby gender DNA test are aimed at being used for bonding, curiosity and preparation for the newborn baby. The results are not to be used for the purpose of gender selection.


The Science behind the Advanced Baby Gender test

At the laboratory, scientists use a technique called Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) to amplify small amounts of DNA and look for Y-chromosomal DNA (only found in males) in the mother’s blood. Y-chromosome DNA will only be present in the mother’s sample if the baby is a boy since females do not carry the Y-chromosomal DNA. If the scientists do not detect any Y chromosomes, then the fetus is female and the expectant mother will have a baby girl.

Although this test is considered as a great way to discover the sex of your baby, ultrasounds are also important as part of your prenatal care. Should you have any queries, please consult your doctor.

*The baby gender test is 99.5%+ accurate at 7 weeks of pregnancy, assured by our laboratory’s quality assurance program. This program continuously monitors the accuracy of the results as well as the quality of their methods and reagents. The 0.5% error rate can be attributed to user error, which includes not providing enough blood sample or taking the test too early.

Give your baby the kind of preparation that only time allows by ordering the baby gender DNA test today! homeDNAdirect also offers risk-free prenatal paternity testing for expectant mothers who want to confirm the identity of the biological father of their baby.

Important Note!

The baby gender DNA test cannot be performed in cases of multiple pregnancies, mosaicism, the fetus has a structural abnormality, the pregnant woman has a chromosomal aneuploidy herself or has received a blood transfusion, transplantation, stem cell therapy or immune therapy.

If the kit has to be sent outside of Toronto or Ontario contact us, additional shipping costs may apply.
We strongly recommend that you confirm the availability of a collector prior to ordering the test.

Our Refund Policy

If the results of our test are proven to be incorrect, we will provide a 100% refund. Please know that we only provide refunds after the birth of the child against a copy of the birth certificate. You can read our refund policy here to learn more about our terms and conditions concerning refunds.


What will the test results state?

The results for the baby gender test are clear and easy to understand. They will state whether the presence of male DNA has been detected or not.

How long can I keep the blood specimen for?

We recommend sending off the maternal blood sample as soon as possible. Do not refrigerate, spin or freeze the sample and make sure that it is not exposed to temperatures above 50°C.

I have heard of a home urine kit that determines the sex of the baby. Do they work?

There are some home urine kits which claim to be able to instantly tell you the sex of your unborn child. These tests generally require the first-morning urine which is mixed with a solution provided in the kit. The test relies on detecting certain hormones which pass out with the maternal urine. The hormones react to the solution to produce a different colour depending if the baby is a boy or a girl. However, the accuracy or reliability of this test can never be compared to analytical testing in a laboratory in terms of accuracy. The actual accuracy levels have also been questioned.

Can I just use an ultrasound to determine the gender of my baby?

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to rely on ultrasounds as a means of determining the sex of the unborn child. However, the issue with an ultrasound is that it is not uncommon for them to give the wrong or indeterminate results especially in the earlier stages of pregnancy. If you want scientifically certified information on the gender of your baby at an early stage of your pregnancy then you need to perform a baby gender DNA test.

Do you sell the gender test in India or China?

homeDNAdirect does not sell the baby gender DNA test in either China or India; nor have we provided any license for the sale of our product to either one of these countries. If the test is being sold locally in either of these markets, it is not an authorized sale and we do not support this.