About this Paternity test

At homeDNAdirect Canada, we offer you a home paternity test that is not only highly accurate but it is also affordable and easy to do. We can provide paternity testing anywhere in Canada including the cities of Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria.

Once we receive your order, the home DNA sampling kit will be sent to you promptly and is normally received within 2 to 4 working days. In your kit, you will find sterile oral swabs to collect your saliva sample from the comfort of your own home. You will also find clear instructions to help you in collecting your DNA samples. Results are ready in only 3 to 5 working days from when we receive the samples at the laboratory. The whole process is fast and simple!

What if I cannot get an oral swab sample?

We are aware that it may not always be possible to get hold the required oral saliva swab for the participants. That is why we also offer forensic paternity  testing – this test is done when people wish to use a sample other than saliva (e.g. hair, toothbrush, semen, chewing gum etc).

The home paternity test report cannot be admissible in court as it does not follow the strict chain-of-custody required in a legal test. With this test, you collect your own samples using our DNA test kit from the comfort of your own residence.

The sampling procedure is simple and painless and highly reliable. A DNA paternity test is often done without the mother’s samples and it is still conclusive. However, where possible, we suggest sending in the mother’s samples for testing as this will help determine her exact share in the genetic inheritance of the child and strengthen the result.

For your peace of mind, all paternity and maternity tests are carried out on a 21 genetic marker basis by our ISO17025 accredited laboratory with extensive experience in the field of DNA testing.

The home paternity testing process explained

When the laboratories receive your DNA samples they will examine your DNA profile with a specific focus on 21 genetic markers. They will then statistically analyze profiles by comparing each marker of the alleged father and child. A father and his biological child will have identical markers, if there are markers which do not match then it means that the tested man is not the child’s biological father.

The home paternity test results will also display the percentage inclusion for paternity of 99.99% in cases where the test is done including the mother’s sample. If the mother’s sample was not provided then you can still expect an extremely high inclusion rate 99.9%. If the alleged father is not the child’s biological father your results will show a 0% probability of inclusion.

Please refer to our ‘order now’ button below for a complete list of our DNA tests and prices. If you want to discuss our paternity testing service contact us directly and speak to our experts! To see the different paternity testing options that we offer visit our DNA paternity services main page.