Get the proof you need through infidelity testing and get the answers to the question of whether your partner is faithful to you or not.  An infidelity test will give you answers based on the sample of submit.  It can change your life and directly affect your relationship to your partner but it can also help you make choices for a better life.  You will be able to obtain accurate information that will allow you to come to your conclusions.

Discovering Infidelity through multiple gender testing

Is your partner cheating? If you suspect infidelity,a multiple gender test on a suspicious stain can help reveal if there is the presence of a male, a female or a mix of male and female DNA.  The laboratory can identify by extracting either a single DNA profile or a mixed one.  If you find an undergarment, clothing, a sheet or a pillow that has been stained by a biological fluid then you can cut out and send to the testing laboratory.  This result will not directly tell you that your partner has been cheating.  It will however give you information that can lead you to get to a conclusion on your suspicions.

Confirming infidelity using a reference sample

Finding a mixed profile of two persons in a suspicious stain might not be enough to confirm infidelity.  There is not proof that that you are not the contributor to one of the DNA profiles in the mix.  If you suspect infidelity with your partner and you happen to find a suspicious stain.  Testing it and finding a mixed male and female profile does not determine that the male profile in the stain does not actually belong to you.  You can solve this problem by submitting a reference swab to be tested as well.  This will give you the opportunity to compare that you are not contributing to the mix and that there are two independent persons present that are not you.  One must also consider that there is no possibility that the stain might have come from other people other than you and your partner.  That is why it is important to be completely sure before proceeding with an infidelity test.  It is not going to directly tell you that you partner is cheating but it will give you relevant information that will help you to make your own conclusions.

You must always confirm that an proceeding with an infidelity test is legal in your country.

Confirming presence of semen

Infidelity testing is a DNA test that provides all the information given here above. What a DNA test cannot do is tell you what type of bodily fluid you have found on an item. A semen detection test however, can confirm whether semen is present on an item. Find out more about semen detection testing.