The British theatre director, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, 54, is once again amidst speculations of being the son of the great American director Orson Welles and will need a DNA paternity test to confirm paternity of Welles. The close resemblance between Welles, (d 1985) and Lindsay-Hogg has always caused people to question whether Welles was in fact father to Michael.

Orson Welles first daughter, Chris Welles-Felder has written a biography entitled In My Father’s Shadow remembers her childhood days on Santa Monica beach. She says she has always had a strong suspicion that Michael was her father’s son and thus her brother. She has revived these speculations in her autobiography.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg is on the verge of taking a DNA test to verify or dispel the claims made by Chris and many others.

Geraldine Fitzgerald was Michael’s mother, famous for her role in Wuthering Heights. She was married to Sir Edward Lindsay Hogg. Fitzgerald started a relationship with Welles whilst she was still married to Edward and Welles to be married to Chris Welles-Felder’s mother. Chris claims that she cannot recall anything definitive regarding the paternity issues and that even Geraldine Fitzgerald was not sure whether Welles has fathered Michael or not.

Michael Lindsey Hogg has not made specified the type of DNA test that will determine whether Orson Welles is his father. Michael and Chris are potentially half siblings. The siblings can establish whether they share the same father by doing an STR analysis test. This type of siblings DNA test will tell whether the two siblings share the same father and will require the test of one known parent.

Another more tedious and costly option for Michael Lindsay-Hogg and Chris Welles-Felder would be to exhume Welles’ corpse and use very specific tissues samples to carry out a DNA paternity test. However, this paternity DNA test is only done when there is no other option available.

Jude Law is the Alleged father of Sophia

Jude Law wants to verify whether he is the father of Sophia, the daughter born to his model girlfriend Samantha Burke in 2009. Rightly so, Jude wants to make sure he is the father with absolute certainty and can only do this by means of a DNA Paternity Test.

Burke is rumored to be angry at the actors demand for a paternity test, saying it undermines her integrity and moral principles as a person in the eyes of Law and the public.

Burke was 7 months pregnant but has refused to carry out a pre-natal paternity test and will consequently wait for the child to be born to go ahead with the test.

When later in 2009 the paternity test was carried out, it was found that the actor was really the child’s biological father. This means he could now end up needing to pay huge retroactive payments and child support for mother and child.

Paternity DNA testing

Paternity DNA testing is the definitive, scientific way of determining whether an alleged father is the true biological father of a child. A paternity test will compare the alleged father’s DNA profiles with that of the child and should the profiles not match, the tested father will be excluded by 100% as being the biological father of the child. The inclusion rate for paternity DNA test is 99.99% and thus, leaves no shadow of a doubt as to who is the father.