What can the Food Suggestion Report do for you?

For just $55, unlock a treasure of knowledge about your dog’s unique dietary needs. No more guessing games, no more frustrated vet visits. This report is the perfect companion for the Dog Intolerance Test, crafted by the expert consultant Miranda Rochol from Energize Paws, is like a secret map to your dog’s optimal health.


Miranda Rochol will guide you through a personalized nutrition journey:


    • Pinpoint the problem: The Dog Intolerance Test identifies allergens that are tripping up your pup’s system, causing strong and mild intolerances.
    • Chart the course to optimal health: Miranda, a seasoned pro in pet wellness, analyzes your dog’s results and curates a personalized food plan excluding harmful foods and adding the nutrients your canine friend needs.
    • Discover the diversity of options: Get specific recommendations for food brands and recipes, tailored to your dog’s needs and preferences.
    • Fuel the fire with extra support: Discover potential supplements that could give your dog that extra edge for a truly thriving life.


There’s more! Your report is just the beginning

This isn’t just a food plan, it’s a transformation. Imagine a dog with eyes sparkling with energy, a coat gleaming with health, and a playful spirit that lights up your life. That’s the power of the personalized Food Suggestion Report.


    • Fast results: Get your personalized plan in just 3-5 business days after Miranda receives your Dog Intolerance Test results.
    • Easy access: You will receive your report by e-mail and can access it whenever you need it.
    • Shop with ease: Convenient links guide you directly to online retailers where you can purchase the recommended foods.
    • Continuous support: Our Customer Care team is always here to answer questions and ensure your journey is smooth sailing.


Invest in your dog’s future for just $55

Don’t wait! Order your Food Suggestion Report today and watch your furry friend blossom into the healthy and happy dog they were always meant to be!

Remember, you can purchase the report if you’ve already taken the Dog Intolerance Test indicating your case reference number (mandatory). And if haven’t order the test yet, you can order both the Dog Intolerance Test and the Food Suggestion Report together now!

So, let’s unlock the door to a healthier, happier tomorrow for your beloved companion. Order now and discover the power of personalized nutrition!