DNA testing is reliable, accurate and readily available to everyone. Paternity DNA tests and other types of DNA testing help to solve countless family disputes and can often bring about the necessary peace of mind required by those seeking these DNA tests. However, there is some interesting food for thought which may make an interesting read.

Paternity DNA testing: your relationship with your child

If you are thinking of doing the paternity test on an unborn child, you could say that the earlier the better so as to clarify matters on the baby’s birth certificate and any other legal responsibilities. Your relationship with the child is still in its budding stages and thus there is little psychological trauma for child and father.  Pre-natal paternity testing requires a doctor entering the mother’s womb and gathering some of the baby’s cells that have loosened off the baby’s body. The procedure is invasive and like all such procedures there could be risks associated.

If the child is born, perhaps 5 or 6 years old or an adult, how would doing a paternity DNA test affect you psychologically? Many companies specializing in paternity tests call them peace of mind tests because such tests will clearly tell you whether you are or are not the father and thus, solve this rather thorny dilemma most dads feel when questioning their paternity.

Relationship DNA tests

There are many relationship tests that can be done. The fact that you are seeking a relationship DNA test means that you have already questioned at least some of the implications if the results are not quite what you expected. You might surprisingly find, by doing siblings DNA test, that you have a half sibling or perhaps a sibling is not in any way related you. You may discover by means of a Grandparentage DNA test that your grandchild is not really yours. You will need to think through such issues at some stage or another and see how the dynamics of relationships between people can change with a DNA test.

Ancestry testing: interesting and rarely problematic

Ancestry testing is done by many simply out of interest or even for fun. They want to track their geogenetic origins because as humans we like to know where we came from and anchor ourselves to our ancestors. However, you might want to question to what extent you consider yourself belonging to one ethnic group and not another. You may think yourself African American but find out you have no African ancestors at all.

DNA testing is necessary

Some of the issues we have here highlighted are issues everyone doing a DNA test probably considered. Paternity DNA Testing and DNA testing in general, despite any consequences it may have, is often an absolute necessity. To have a doubt is to live in uncomfortable uncertainty and doubts need to be resolves.