There is so much to say about DNA testing that one has to constantly try and home in on specific issues. Home DNA testing is practical, especially given the lifestyle and preferences of the people today. People ultimately want the comfort, ease and privacy as offered by home DNA tests. Of course, they also want their results to be accurate and conclusive.

How do I Do my home DNA Paternity Test?

The advantages of home DNA testing are many, including the ones mentioned in the introduction. Most DNA tests are done by using mouth swabs. You can either purchase these yourself form a pharmacy or, alternatively, you can purchase a test kit from a company offering DNA testing. They will give you a neatly packed kit with oral swabs and the instructions on how to use them and ensure you have collected your samples correctly.

Whilst in the past, DNA tests would have had to been done through a clinic or hospital, being able to do these tests from home means you are at a great advantage in terms of comfort and cost. Big DNA testing companies are many and competition is tough; you can shop around for the cheaper test but ensure that is accredited by a reputed accrediting body such as ISO.

How About my Results?

Home DNA testing refers to the fact that you can collect your samples at home. The advantages have already been mentioned; but for your results there is as yet no DNA test that you can purchase, collect your samples as well as do your results at home. A DNA test is nothing like a pregnancy test or other such home test which can be purchased from pharmacies.

Once you have collected your DNA samples with your home DNA test kit you will need to send back the samples for laboratory testing. DNA analysis is an extremely complex and scientific method. DNA tests are very accurate. For example, in the case of a paternity DNA test, you will have a clear inclusion or exclusion of paternity which will leave no doubts as to whether the alleged father is the child’s biological father or not.

However, the entire process is extremely simple and once your DNA samples have been received by the laboratories the results are for a paternity DNA test are ready in just a couple of working days. The term home DNA testing or home DNA paternity testing is misleading because it does not actually means the entire test from sample collection to results can be carried out by yourself