Genetic testing to tell you more about your health and well-being? Well, today, science has developed a genetic predisposition test which can tell you more than you can imagine about what is in your genes. Knowing what is in your genes can help you have a map towards a healthier life.

The genetic health test gives you the chance to know more about your health. This test basically will find the autoimmune diseases carried in your genes and moreover, tell you the likelihood you have of developing them. Risks are presented in the form of estimated probability of developing the illness at any stage in your life. For example, you may have a 25% chance of developing lung cancer.

The risk can be described as high, medium or low- of course, with diminishing risk means diminishing concern but with increasing risks it means taking the appropriate measures to avoid developing that illness; for example, if the genetic test tells you that you have a high risk of developing lung cancer, than one of the most crucial and life-saving steps could be to stop smoking if you’re a smoker and avoid passive smoking. Having a predisposition to an illness does not in any way mean you will have the illness. You might never develop it.

Although the genetic DNA test can help you know which diseases are carried in your genes and can help you take steps to avoid them, you ultimately have no guarantee that you will not develop the illness. The first step, once you get your results, is to go to your doctor and view it with him or her- they can give you full guidance on the lifestyle changes you need to do. Moreover, he may even carry out tests to see if you have already begun to develop the condition or whether it has not affected you.

Here is a list of just a handful of the diseases which you may be carrying and which a health genetic test can tell you about.

Let’s begin:

Immune system: Lupus, Graves’ disease
Cardiovascular conditions: heart disease, peripheral arterial disease
General health: Obesity and Migraine
Cancers: bladder cancer and breast cancer

Health genetic test is there to help monitor and perhaps even prevent genetic diseases. As research continues it may well become indispensable to every one of us.