A simple ancestry DNA test can tell you a lot of information about your origins. In fact, specifically, you can do an ancestry test. Ancestry testing can be of several types, depending on what exactly you want to find out. An ancestry DNA test can also make a great gift for someone on a special occasion.

Ancestry Testing: finding your roots- World Wide

This ancestry test compares your DNA to a vast data base of different studied populations or anthropological groups. This DNA test will show which populations your genetic profile most closely matches to and you can find where your ancestors came from; Europe? Middle East, Africa? A lot of aspect of your origins may not be reflected in your physiognomy but it will be reflected in your genes.

Your paternal line: DNA Ancestry testing can tell you more

This test requires the testing of the Y chromosome which is only carried by males and passes from father to son and so forth down from generation to generation. There are well over a dozen paternal haplogroups that have been identified. This ancestry test will tell you which you belong to connecting you with a distant paternal line. The ancestry testing in this case will tell you where in Europe, Africa Asia or elsewhere on the globe your paternal ancestors came from.

This test is not to be confused with a Y chromosome test– this test also seeks to determine whether two or more males come from the same paternal line but will not tell you anything about the different geographical origins of their ancestors. The test can be done between for example, two males who want to know if they share the same father. If the two males tested share the same Y chromosome profile, then they share a common paternal line.

Maternal Ancestry Test

You may also hone in onto your maternal ancestors with maternal ancestry testing; this ancestry test will take you far, far back to your origins. Where did they come from?

This test uses the MtDNA (mitochondrial DNA sequence) in our cells. This DNA is passed from mother to her children- male or female. Males do not pass it on. This test will give you specific locations on the globe from which your maternal ancestors came from.

Ancestry testing is very informative and is of great interest to help those wishing to know more about their ancestry.

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