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Grandparentage DNA Test

A Grandparentage DNA test confirms or excludes the biological relationship between grandparents and their grandchild.  We offer our grandparentage test for two grandparents and one grandchild for just $399.00. Your results will be  ready between 5-7 working days starting from the moment we receive your DNA samples at our laboratory.

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Important information about grandparents DNA test

To maximise accuracy, we recommend testing both grandmother and grandfather in a duo grandparentage test. This DNA test is usually done because the paternity of a person is brought into question but the alleged father of that person is not available for the test. A duo grandparentage test makes it possible for us to map the missing, alleged  father’s DNA profile.

Genetic inheritance patterns make it possible to reconstruct the father’s DNA profile by using his parents’ DNA. Scientists will then compare the DNA profile derived to the grandchild’s DNA profile and calculate the statistical probability of the tested grandparents being the biological grandparents of the child.

If only a single grandparent is available, we do not recommend a single grandparent to grandchild DNA test.

When the testing involves solely males – grandfather and grandson – we recommend doing a Y-chromosome test.

You can choose our express DNA testing option and have your results ready in just 2-3 working days.

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