homeDNAdirect Canada is a provider of DNA paternity testing in Alberta including the cities of Calgary and Edmonton. Besides paternity testing, homeDNAdirect offers a whole range of DNA to suit all DNA testing needs. Other tests offered in Alberta include DNA relationship testing, genetic health tests and immigration DNA testing.

Alberta is a Canadian province with the highest population with a population of 3.5 million people. Edmonton is the capital. It is named after the 4th granddaughter of Queen Victoria. The province is located on the West of Canada sandwiched by British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Montana in the USA. Edmonton is the biggest city in Alberta. Alberta covers a huge area and has many geographical features. These include several lakes, woodlands, rivers and boreal forests. Warm summers and cold winters characterize the weather in Alberta.

Alberta is economically one of the strongest regions in Canada. Its main industries are petroleum, agriculture and technology. The province attracts its fair share of tourists and offers a range of things to do and see. Alberta is famous for its summer festivals, especially those hosted in Edmonton. There are several attractions for those seeking the great outdoors and unbridled landscape and natural wonders; the Elk Island National Park or Wood Buffalo National park and the Columbia ice field.

A Paternity DNA test in Alberta costs $199. To order DNA paternity testing anywhere in Alberta including Calgary and Edmonton please go to our contact page or if you wish to read more about this test go to the following link: DNA paternity testing.