Paternity DNA tests are the most accurate and reliable means of ascertaining paternity. Many companies now offer a range of DNA tests including sibling tests and grandparentage DNA tests. Nevertheless, paternity DNA tests remain the most requested type of test. Even a number of Hollywood stars have resorted to DNA paternity testing to solve thorny paternity issues.

Keanu Reeves, the Canadian American actor, famous for films like the Matrix is just one of the many who have taken a DNA paternity test. Karen Sala claimed that Reeves and herself where friends as kids and that he fathered a child from her. In court, the 46-year old woman was elated that Reeves readily consented to the paternity test. Reeves is sure about the fact the he has never even met Sala and thus, it is impossible that he could possibly have fathered a child with her.

Sala has made claims on Reeves of over $3m which she believes are due to her in payments for spousal support and has moreover, added $150,000 in child support payments. Reeves’ paternity test proved that he was not in fact, the father to the child in question. Karen Sala insists that the paternity DNA test was flawed and that Reeves should take a second test.

Paternity Tests solve problems

Paternity tests can bring peace of mind by giving an unrecognized child his or her legal benefits from their father. However, DNA paternity tests can also solve claims made by scheming mothers on rich men they may have had affairs with. There may also be cases of questionable heirs turning up for an inheritance claiming to be children of the deceased father. Such cases would also warrant a paternity DNA test. Paternity DNA tests can bring peace of mind as they have to Keanu Reeves and also Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson demands Paternity Test

Mel Gibson wants his pregnant Russian girlfriend to take a paternity test after the birth of their child. The Hollywood start must keep in mind his own business interests and balance that with his love for Oksana. If Oksana has been faithful, then she need not worry. Paternity DNA tests only tell the truth. The American-Australian actor was convinced by his children and friends, who reported certain misgivings to the actor, to take a DNA paternity test. To secure his peace of mind and his assets, Gibson has taken the test.

When shopping around for your paternity test look first and foremost for company and laboratory accreditations, these will guarantee the maximum reliability for you paternity DNA test results. When we talk of accurate results we mean results with an inclusion of paternity that is not lower than 99.9 % without the mother’s DNA samples. With the mother’s DNA samples, you can expect a result which is stronger. Without or without the mother’s DNA sample, the rate of exclusion for the paternity test should be no less that 100%.

Other celebrity DNA test cases

Tutankhamen is the most well-know king of Egyptian history, perhaps due to the young age at which he became king or the many question marks surrounding his life. DNA testing helped reveal more that simply meets the eye.

Chris Rock took a paternity DNA test as has, in another independent paternity dispute, the alleged father of Kourtney Kardashian’s child. Here is the full story.