Thanks to rapid advances in genetic technology, carrying out a home paternity test has become easy and relatively cost-effective. This is due to the fact that whereas traditionally, paternity tests and other DNA tests involved visiting a clinic and taking blood samples, the vast majority of DNA tests can now be carried out in the comfort of your own home. This is due to the fact that what was once a complex procedure can now be carried out using samples of saliva collected using oral swabs.

Home Sampling Kit

Although the exact procedure can vary from one company to the other, in the vast majority of cases, your testing company will send you what is called a ‘home sampling kit’ by mail or courier. This will include everything you need to collect the saliva samples required to carry out the test. The contents of this envelope will generally include cotton swabs for the collection of saliva samples, consent forms, detailed instructions and an envelope for the re-submission of the saliva samples.

Generally speaking a home DNA paternity test can be carried out using a sample taken from the father and one collected from the child. Although a paternity test can be carried out using only the aforementioned samples, your testing company will generally recommend that a sample taken from the child’s mother be included. This is because including a sample taken from the mother will help to give stronger results.

Collecting the Saliva Samples

Collecting the saliva samples is very quick and simple, and is carried out by gently rubbing the cotton tipped swab provided against the inside of the cheeks and tongue. However it is important that the instructions contained in the kit are read carefully, and the procedures outlined in it are followed exactly in order to avoid contaminating the samples. If a sample is contaminated it might not be possible for the laboratory to extract DNA from it and the whole testing process may have to be repeated.

Most modern laboratories today are extremely efficient in carrying out home DNA paternity tests, and your results may be available to you as quickly as within seven working days from the day of the arrival of the samples at the laboratory. Paternity test results are frequently sent be e-mail in order to ensure that they arrive as quickly as possible to the clients, however in most cases they may be sent by postal mail upon request.