The cost of a DNA test will depend on a variety of factors as listed below. DNA Testing has now become very widely available and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Quality of the DNA Test

The cost of a DNA test will depend on the quality of the test. DNA test quality tends to be measured in terms of the number of genetic loci tested, the higher the number of genetic loci tested, the higher the quality of the test is considered to be. Tests that analyse 25 genetic loci are considered to be of a high quality, and this will be reflected in the relative precision of the results. However, the greater the number to loci tested, the more labour intensive the testing process will be, and this will be reflected in an increased cost.

Number of Persons Participating

The cost of a DNA test will also depend to a large extent on the number of people being tested, the greater the number of people the greater the amount of time and materials will be required by the laboratory, and this will be reflected in an increased cost. However, the inclusion of a sample of the mother can frequently be added at no extra cost in the case of paternity tests.

Turnaround times for the DNA Test

The cost of a DNA test will also depend on how quickly you need your result to be available to you. Ordering the express DNA test service will allow you to have your results in 24-48 hours, however this will be reflected in an additional cost.

Country of origin

The cost of a test will also depend on the country of origin of the laboratory and the existing market for DNA testing. The more popular and widespread the use of DNA testing, the lower the cost of the DNA test. This is mainly due to what is described as economies of scale: the larger the number of tests that are carried out, the cheaper the cost to the laboratory, and this is reflected in a cheaper cost of test to the client. In addition the larger the number of competitors in the market, the lower the prices.

Type of DNA Test and sample used

The cost of the test will also depend to a great extent on the type of test you wish to order. DNA paternity tests are generally the cheapest kind of test, as the DNA analysis procedures are relatively straightforward. Other kinds of tests, such as the siblings test, will tend to be more expensive, as they require more complex type of testing. Additionally, they type of sample submitted will influence heavily on the price, as extracting DNA from non-standard samples such as hair is a more laborious and time-consuming process than the DNA extraction from normal oral swabs.

Legal DNA Test versus Standard DNA Test

Ordering a Legal DNA test will be more expensive than ordering a standard DNA, in spite of the fact that the scientific process underlying the two tests is identical. This is due to the fact that in order for a test to be considered as being legally valid, certain procedures must be adhered, adding to the cost of the test. These can include courier delivery of tests to maintain chain of custody, clinic fees for the sample collection and legal fees for authentification of documents.

The factors influencing the cost of a DNA test will therefore vary according to a number of factors as seen above. The price of the DNA test should therefore be confirmed in advance if you are not sure what the actual cost is going to be.

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