One of the things many expectant mums get excited about during pregnancy, is guessing the baby’s gender. Scientific methods would allow the determination of gender during the second trimester of the pregnancy. Many parents do not have the patience to wait that long, and so to suppress the feeling of excitement, they opt for the Chinese zodiac baby gender predictor.

Using Chinese astrology for baby gender forecast is still utilised in this modern age. Despite the fact that this way of predicting began ages ago in China, the modern world today still believes in this method of foretelling their baby’s gender. Seven hundred years ago, this was practiced through manual calculations and the use of a chart that was discovered by a scientist in a royal tomb. Today, calculations are fully automated, generated by computers and commonly accessible online.

While most mothers have strong faith in the Chinese zodiac baby gender predictor, which is believed to achieve 95% accuracy, there are others who find using Chinese astrology calculation as a spoiler. It eliminates the thrill of surprise of finding out the gender of your baby once it is born.

Twelve animals represent the Chinese zodiac, which is based on the birth year of the mother. The moon-based year patterns with regard to the Chinese zodiac, unlike the normal calendar that most people are used to, follows the solar calendar.

Chinese zodiac gender prediction is accomplished by calculating the lunar age of the baby’s parents. Once that has been established, the parents refer to a chart in order to discern the baby’s gender. Using Chinese astrology for baby gender helps parents in coming up with names as well as preparing for its arrival. For strong believers of this prediction, personality traits of the child can also be determined before birth. On the other hand, some use the Chinese zodiac baby gender predictor in order to determine when is the perfect time to conceive so as to achieve the preferred gender.

DNA testing for baby gender

These test have drawn a lot of criticism by scientific communities who have consistently rebuffed these tests. For anyone who wished to find out the gender of their baby, an ultrasound or a DNA test will be needed. These are the most accurate methods known of determining the baby gender in a way that is scientific and accurate. Click here to find out more about DNA testing for baby gender.

It is amazing how astrology can influence individuals that believe in its predictions. Due to this belief, the World Wide Web has given access to gender predictions that would be accessible to almost all parents. There are many advantages for parents, knowing the sex beforehand, and in many cultures they prefer boys so it is a relief for a mother to be certain she is carrying a boy through such methods of forecasting. For others, Chinese astrology would also guide the parents as to how they are going to raise the baby according to its character.