The results of Bobby Fischer’s paternity test results are out and finally it is known that Jinky Jong is not his biological daughter. The nine year old girl from the Philippines had earlier this year come forward with her mother who claimed her daughter to be the child of Bobby Fischer and thus, entitled to his estate.

Bobby Fischer had already been buried in Iceland when the girl and her mother came forward with their claim early in 2010; an exhumation of the corpse was hence, necessary to be able to scientifically verify whether the chess player’s biological daughter was Jinky Jong. After the exhumation, Jong provided a blood sample to be compared in the analysis with that of a sample taken from Fischer, her alleged father.

Whenever the legitimacy of heirs comes into question, it is not uncommon for the legal systems in many countries to issue court ordered paternity tests or relationship tests. These paternity tests are done abiding by very strict procedures with all DNA samples verified and notarized.

Bobby Fischer died intestate. Jinky Jong has been excluded as his daughter following the paternity test; however, there are two further possible heirs. His wife, a Japanese woman by the name of Myoko Watay. Her claim is currently somewhat uncertain as there is no proof of their marriage which supposedly took place shortly before the death of the chess player. The other heir is his nephews.

Bobby Fischer is just one of many who have been involved in case requiring paternity test; the fact that it happened post-mortem is somewhat unusual.