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Calgary, is located in the south of the province of Alberta, Canada, and is the largest city in this province. Calgary is located near the Canadian Rockies, and is surrounded by foothills and prairie. Calgary has a population of around one million people, and has a land area of 726.5 km2 (280.5 sq mi). Calgary is a popular destination for winter sports, and has a developing industry in eco-tourism. Calgary’s main economic activity revolves around the petroleum industry, as well as agriculture and high-tech industry. In 1988, Calgary hosted the Olympic Winter Games, becoming the first Canadian city to host Olympic Games. Tourism is also an important part of its economy with over 3.1 million people visiting the city annually for its festivals and attractions, particularly the Calgary Stampede. In addition, Calgary offers a variety of restaurants, cultural venues such as museums and art galleries, as well as shopping areas. Among Calgary’s main attractions one can find the Calgary Zoo, the Telus World of Science, the Chinatown district and the Calgary Tower.

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