homeDNAdirect Canada can offer DNA paternity tests in British Columbia. All testing is carried out using state-of-the art DNA testing technology. The company also offers a wide range of relationship tests and other DNA tests such as a legal paternity test in BC.

British Columbia is a Canadian province that lies in the westernmost part of the country, established in 1871 as the sixth province of Canada. The capital city of British Columbia is Vancouver, however its largest city is Victoria. The whole province has an estimated population of four and a half million, and is currently governed by the Premier Gordon Campbell. British Columbia is known for its natural beauty, having a rugged coastline that stretches for more than 27,000 kilometres, and includes deep mountainous fjords as well as around six thousand islands, most of which are uninhabited. Additionally, British Columbia contains seven of Canada’s national parks, several marine parks and more than a hundred ecological reserves. British Columbia’s economy lies mainly on its natural resources particularly farming and mining. However an increase in economic activity surrounding construction and retail/service sectors has been observed.

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