Express testing for quicker results

Some tests need more urgent results, which can be caused by different reasons such as legal obligations, anxiety, and tighter schedules. No matter what your reason is, for clients who need quicker results, HomeDNADirect offers an option to get your test results as quickly as possible.

With our express DNA testing option, we can offer you the fastest processing time possible, and your test results will be made available to you in just 3 working days from receipt of the samples at the laboratory. You can order your express test option after placing your order or before the laboratory receives your DNA samples. You will receive a confirmation email when your samples are received.

The express DNA testing option is available for the following tests:

  • Paternity and maternity testing
  • Prenatal paternity testing
  • Baby gender testing

How to order your express DNA test

Ready to order the express DNA test option for your chosen DNA test? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose the DNA test you need.
  2. Click the Order button to order your test.
  3. Add the option for Express Testing (if available).
  4. Complete the order and process your payment.

Want to upgrade your test after ordering?

If you have already placed an order for a test and want to upgrade to the Express Option, simply get in touch with our Customer Service team to request the update. If the option is available for your chosen test, our team will process your request and send you a payment link.

The $100 fee for express DNA testing is one-off even if more than one person will be tested. However, the option is NOT available for all DNA tests. We ask you to check in advance with our team to confirm if the express option is available for your desired test. 

Apart from the express test, another option you can take if you need quicker test results is to make your own kitFeel free to contact our customer service team to discuss your options!