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Y Chromosome Test (Y-STR)

Y chromosome testing is used to determine whether two or more males share the same paternal lineage; related males will usually have the same Y chromosome pattern. The Y chromosome is only found in males and is a chromosome that is seldom affected by mutations and is inherited by males from their fathers relatively unchanged.

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A Y chromosome test is usually done under the following circumstances:

  • Male siblings wish to determine whether they share the same father but are unable to directly confirm this through a paternity DNA test.
  • To determine whether males share the same paternal line. Male cousins, uncles, nephews, grandparents may all be interested in such a test to establish a common paternal line shared between them.

A Y chromosome test will, as stated, establish the existence of a common paternal lineage; however, confirming the exact type of relationship between male relatives is not possible with this test . Thus, we will not be able to distinguish whether the relatives tested are for example brothers, uncle and nephew, or grandfather and grandson.

You can purchase the Y chromosome test starting from the price of $349. This cost covers the testing of two males. Results are ready in 5 -7 business days from receipt of samples at the laboratory.

Should you require more information and wish to discuss your case, then contact our customer care team. Alternatively our relationship DNA testing section can provide you with more information on other types of relationship tests.

X Chromosome Testing

The X chromosome test is often done when two sisters that have different mothers want to establish whether they have the same biological father. If their X chromosome patterns match than they share the same father.

How does the X Chromosome test work?

An X chromosome test can be done to confirm whether 2 or more females from different mothers share the same father. In cases where females share the same mother, an X-chromosome test can still be done; however, this test is only possible if the mother is available for testing. If the mother is not available for testing, then you will need to do an STR siblings test.

The reason for needing the mother’s samples is the following: Any female inherits one X chromosome from their mother and one X chromosome from their father. If two siblings share the same mother, thereby being at least half siblings from the mother’s side, an X-chromosome test will not be able to determine which X chromosome was inherited from the mother and which from the father. Having the mother’s DNA means we can exclude her share in genetic inheritance and concentrate on matching the X chromosome from the father’s side.

Paternal grandmother and granddaughter

The X chromosome test can be used between paternal grandmother and granddaughter as they must share one X chromosome. This shared X chromosome is the one that the grandmother passed to her son and he, in turn, passed to his daughter. We only need DNA samples of the paternal grandmother and granddaughter for this test. We require no other samples in this particular case.

Price and results for the X Chromosome test

The X chromosome test is priced at $499 for the testing of two females. Results will be available in only 15 working days.

You can also return to our DNA relationship testing page for more information or proceed by clicking one of the below options.


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