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MtDNA Test (Mitochondrial DNA Test)

The mitochondrial DNA test (MtDNA test) will confirm whether two or more individuals of any sex share the same maternal line. The MtDNA test is offered by homeDNAdirect Canada for $499.

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Further information about MtDNA testing

This type of test utilizes the mitochondrial DNA found in the cell mitochondria and not the usual nuclear DNA used in STR testing. MtDNA is inherited by both males and females from their mothers; however, it is just females that pass it on to their children. Males do not pass their MtDNA. The fact that copies of MtDNA are inherited and passed on relatively unchanged makes this test a very reliable one.

from the DNA sample provided, the laboratory will extract required MtDNA and from it create what is called an X-SV profile. If two people share the same X-SV/mitochondrial DNA pattern it would also indicate that they share the same maternal line.

homeDNAdirect also offers DNA testing ancestry to help you know more about your genealogy and ancient maternal lineage.

An MtDNA test cannot tell you how close or distant the relationship between people is but simply that two people share the same maternal line.

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