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DNA Dog Inherited Disease Testing

 Note : If you are interested in this test, kindly contact us directly with details of the breed and type of test your are looking for.

homeDNAdirect is your Animal DNA Testing provider offering accurate and reliable canine inherited disease testing services. The health of your dog is of paramount importance and inherited disease testing can be an important move towards ensuring stronger and healthier dogs. Our canine disease testing service starts from just $92 for the first test and $52 for each additional test ordered for the same canine at the same time. Results are ready in 7 working days from receipt of samples

Unfortunately, purebred dogs frequently suffer from the effects of inbreeding. The fact that the gene pool is limited due to breeding of related animals means that there is a lack of genetic diversity. One of the biggest nightmares for a breeder or dog owner of having pure breed dogs is their tendency to be afflicted with inherited diseases. Disease mutations within a dog’s genetic coding are passed down the family tree, giving rise to generations of puppies born with diseases or carry the disease.


Dog Disease Testing


Improve your dog’s health with our dog DNA test!

Not all canines display visible symptoms of inherited disease, it is possible that a healthy looking dog may be hiding a nasty or life-threatening disease in his or her genes. Our test can help reveal the presence of such genes in the tested dog’s DNA. Some dogs are born with recessive genes, meaning that the dog is a genetic carrier of the disease, possessing the ability of passing the disease to the generations that follow.

Dog DNA testing gives you the ability to help improve the health of your litter. Vets, as well as pet owners and breeders are turning towards canine DNA testing to ensure their dog’s health and promote genetic health. Thanks to our dog disease testing service you can embark on selective mating based upon scientific evidence, choosing only the fittest dogs for mating.

All this data is retrieved from a simple, pain-free test. Buccal (cheek) swabs are all that is needed in order to gain more information about a dog’s genetic health background.

We offer testing for the most common type of diseases found in canines:

Disease Description Symptoms
Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM) in Labrador Retrievers CNM is a recessively inherited disease that affects the dog’s muscular system. Dogs suffering with this disease begin displaying symptoms from a young age, generally characterized by weight loss, fatigue, as well as abnormal posture and walking.
Cystinuria in Newfoundlands and Labradors This genetic disease affects the kidney tubules; it interferes in the filtering of amino acid crystalline allowing crystals and stones to develop in the kidneys, urethra and bladder, which in turn may obstruct urinary flow. Compilations within the urinary system can occur in affected dogs. More common in males, this disease may take years to develop any symptoms.
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) in Canine Breeds DM is a progressive disease that targets the spinal cord, the onset of the disease occurs later on in life typically between 8 and 14 years old. It can affect one or both hind limbs, causing weakness and ataxia (loss of coordination) and progresses until the dog in no longer able to walk without support.
Phosphofructokinase Deficiency (PFK) in English Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and Whippets Inherited and recessive, PFK is a metabolic disorder that prevents the proper breakdown of glucose to be used as energy for the skeletal and muscular system, as well as maintaining red blood cells. Some of the most common include: Muscle weakness and cramps, anemia, blood in the urine, depression and general lethargy.
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK) in West Highland Terriers and Basenjis PK is a recessive disorder that specifically targets red blood cells. Dogs afflicted with this disease are born with a mutated enzyme that is involved in cellular metabolism causing the death of red blood cells. Dogs suffering with this disease tend to have a shorter life span and experience chronic anemia and liver failure.
Uric Acid DNA Test (Hyperuricosuria) This inherited autosomal disease is characterized by elevated uric acid in the urine. Surgery tends to be the treatment of choice; however it tends to be a difficult disease to treat. Predisposition for the development of stones in the bladder and/or the kidneys.
Von Willebrand’s Disease vWD is what is known as an inherited bleeding disorder. vWD is a type of protein that is found in blood and is responsible for blood coagulation. In sufferers of this condition, vWD is either not present or is defective. Depending on which type is inherited, there are three classifications of this disease: type 1, type 2 and type 3. Abnormal bleeding from injuries or menstrual flow in females that ranges from mild to severe.


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