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Siblings DNA test

homeDNAdirect Canada offers a range of sibling DNA tests.  These DNA tests are often done when two or more persons want to confirm they share a common biological parent.The price for siblings testing begins from $349. The price may vary depending on the type of test, the people taking part and the type of DNA sample used.

We strongly suggest including the sample of a known mother to provide stronger results.

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siblings DNA test will indicate whether any of these relationships exist between the people tested:

  • Half siblings vs. full siblings: siblings will have one parents in common or share both parents in common;
  • Half siblings vs. no siblings: siblings will share just one parent between them and have no genetic relationship at all is they are not siblings;
  • Full siblings or no siblings: full siblings will share both parents; however, if they are not siblings they will have no biological relationship and have no parents in common.

Sibling testing is made more complex by the fact that it is aimed at confirming whether two people share a common parent without testing the parent in question. This means that this test is very different to a standard paternity test or maternity test. In fact, when a direct alleged parent-child DNA test is viable, we will tend to suggest that.

Types of sibling tests we offer

We suggest that you read the following types of DNA tests available to identify which one is most suitable to your case.

  • STR analysis: will determine biological relationships between siblings of different sexes when parents are no available for testing;
  • X chromosome testing: will determine biological relationships between sisters from different mothers;
  • Y chromosome testing: will determine biological relationships between brothers;
  • MtDNA testing: will determine whether interested parties share the same maternal lineage.

If you have any more queries you may either return to relationship DNA testing page or click on one of the below options.

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