• Paternity

    Our lab has tested over 300,000 cases for your peace of mind!

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  • Relationship

    Over 10 years experience with DNA relationship testing.

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  • Legal

    Accredited legal DNA testing for your assurance

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  • Prenatal

    NON Invasive and 100% Risk Free – Exclusive!

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  • Baby Gender

    Need to know now? Are you having a BOY or GIRL?

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DNA Paternity Test

At homeDNAdirect Canada we offer you a reliable and confidential paternity tests. With many years of DNA testing experience behind we have been able to increase our portfolio of DNA tests to include legal paternity testing and at home paternity testing.

The laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited and our home and legal paternity tests are performed on 21 genetic markers to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our results. Depending on your case, we offer a comprehensive range of DNA paternity tests to meet your requirements.

  • Home paternity test
    Home paternity test

    Our 21 Genetic Marker home DNA paternity test is Accredited, Affordable and Accurate

    Home paternity test for only $199 for one alleged father and child. Price includes the DNA test kit, sample analysis and the result sent via email. There are NO EXTRA FEES.
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  • Legal paternity test


    The legal DNA paternity test can be used in court cases, for example, over issues of alimony or inheritance. Legal tests can also be used for immigration.
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  • Prenatal paternity testing

    RISK FREE prenatal DNA paternity test with 99.99% ACCURACY from your 10th WEEK of pregnancy

    Our prenatal paternity test is 100% risk free. Through a simple blood withdrawal you can have the answers you need.
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Paternity DNA testing in Canada

homeDNAdirect Canada is an online DNA testing and paternity testing  company. Most DNA tests are required to establish paternity. Paternity can either be established by testing the alleged father and child or indirectly without testing the alleged father. Establishing paternity in cases where the alleged father is not available for the test requires a relationship DNA test with paternal relatives or between siblings. Non invasive paternity testing during pregnancy and baby gender testing with maternal urine are the two most recent tests being offered.

Most DNA tests are done with a home testing kit which contains swabs to collect DNA samples. We also offer a range of forensic DNA testing services which is used in cases when sample collection with oral swabs is not possible. Once samples have been collected they are returned for laboratory analysis.  homeDNAdirect offers cheap DNA testing and flexible payment options and an extremely short turnaround time of just 3-5 working days on the vast majority its DNA tests. Kindly note that visits are by appointment only


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