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Maternity DNA Test

A maternity DNA test proves the biological relationship between a mother and child. The cost of our maternity test starts from $199 for one mother and child. Results will be emailed in 3-5 business days.

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Requests for maternity DNA testing are far less than those for paternity DNA testing; this is because there rarely are doubts regarding the issue of maternity.

In the case of immigration testing, maternity tests are carried out  in order to prove to the immigration authorities that a biological relationship exists between alleged mother and child.  If your require a maternity test for immigration we are able to organise it.

Maternity test results and further info

Your DNA test result will display a table showing the DNA profile of the mother and child. In a maternal DNA testing result, the minimum probabilities are in excess of 99.99 %.

The DNA maternity test is an at-home test.  Our easy-to-use kit enable DNA sampling from the comfort of your own home. Once sampling is completed, DNA samples can be returned for laboratory analysis.

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