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Ancestry DNA Testing: Discovering your Geogenetic Links

Our ancestry DNA testing services are the most scientific way of learning more about your ancestral origins or ancient lineage. homeDNAdirect Canada has a range of testing services available aimed at helping you acquire detailed information about the different aspects of your ancestry you wish learn about. Begin delving into your origins and exploring your roots with a simple DNA test.


Ancestry DNA test - order your test now!

Select the ancestry test you need

AncestrybyDNA™: All of us descend from 4 major ancestral groups: European, Indigenous American, East Asian, and Sub Saharan Africa. From which of these groups did you descent?Your DNA holds the answers to your true ancestry so begin to uncover your true origins with AncestrybyDNA™. This DNA test which we offer can tell you much more about your origins than those old photo albums or stories told by relatives. All we need is a quick sample collected by means of an oral swab to tell you more about your genetic origins.

Maternal lineage testing: if you have unanswered questions about your foremothers and ancient maternal predecessors, then a maternal lineage test is the ideal choice. Bring to light the regions where your maternal ancestors came from, learn your haplogroup affiliation and much, much more with this DNA test.

Paternal lineage DNA testing: the most accurate way of finding your paternal origins and your haplogroup affiliation is by means of this focused test. In a paternal lineage test, we analyze the Y chromosome and we compare your DNA with the genetic profiles of studied paternal haplogroups in our database.

People carry out ancestry tests for many reasons

Our ancestry tests allow you to discover your ancient roots, tracing your predecessor’s steps during prehistory based upon the commonality of genes between you and your ancestors. The DNA test results will detail where your ancient ancestors originated from, elaborating on their migratory roots and providing you with an abundance of genealogical information that is indeed interesting for you, your family and your descendents to come.

Ancestry tests have even assisted people who have no idea of their origins, perhaps people who were adopted and unable to access any meaningful information about their birth parents or roots (due to anonymity issues and privacy). Whilst ancestral tests cannot tell you much about your recent history, they do offer the change to discover some information that genetically links you to your ancestors.

Finally, homeDNAdirect suggests an ancestry test as a really unique gift with a personal touch. It is indeed a gift that will truly surprise whoever receives it, all the more those friends, partners or relatives who have shown an interested in learning more about their very remote family tree and genealogy.

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How is an ancestry test carried out?

Once you have placed your order, homeDNAdirect will send out a home sample collection kit. The kit contains the sterile buccal swabs we use for the sample collection; all our client needs to do is follow a simple procedure explained in the instructions inside their kit. Once the samples are collected, they may return the samples for testing at the laboratory. Click on one of the below options to proceed.


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