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Animal DNA Testing Services

Animal DNA Testing

HomeDNAdirect offers a range of DNA tests for animals, including Avian sexing, canine parentage and disease and feline PKD Testing. Whether you simply want to ensure a longer life for your pet or you want to provide scientific proof for a dog’s pedigree, our tests can prove to be valuable tools, to both breeder and animal lover.

Avian DNA Testing

Let’s face it, guessing a bird’s gender is challenging no matter how much of a bird expert you consider yourself to be. It is estimated that around 5,000 species of bird appear sexually monomorphic, meaning that it is seemingly impossible to distinguish between the sexes. Click here for more information

Dog Parentage Testing

Do you know who your puppy’s parents are? By using what is called DNA profiling or DNA fingerprinting you are able to find this out with complete certainty. Get proof of parentage with a Canine Parentage Test. Results are 99.9% accurate.

Dog Disease Testing

Not all canines display visible symptoms of inherited disease, it is possible that a healthy looking dog may be hiding a nasty or life-threatening disease in his or her genes. Our Dog Disease Test can help reveal the presence of such genes in the tested dog’s DNA. Some dogs are born with recessive genes, meaning that the dog is a genetic carrier of the disease, possessing the ability of passing the disease to the generations that follow.

Feline PKD Testing

HomeDNAdirect is your specialist animal DNA testing provider offering accurate, reliable and fast, feline DNA testing services, including testing for Polycystic Kidney Disease. Click here for more information

Dog Poop DNA Testing

Have a problem with un-scooped dog mess? Is dog poo preventing you or your children from enjoying a public or common space? Our dog poop DNA test provides you with a solution for pet waste management by matching the DNA profile from an un-scooped dog poop back to the dog that left it! The dog poop test can be used by administrative units responsible for law enforcement, local councils, associations for condos or blocks of apartments and houses that share common areas in which residents often find dog mess but are unable to find out who the irresponsible dog owner is.